The most cost-effective call center software: mConnect & 3CX

mConnect & 3CX. The Ultimate Cost-effective, High Performant Call Center Software

Looking to save up to $51,899 a year on telco costs? And at the same time not sacrifice any features or integrations your team is accustomed to and needs? How would it sound if we could deliver all that as well as a few extras on top?

If that sounds too good to be true then you’re most definitely using outdated and expensive call center software. Allow us to introduce you to the ideal call center solution: mConnect and 3CX.

What you’ll get in addition to massive cost savings:

What are you waiting for? Switch today and start saving big! Just scroll down and signup for your free trial – no credit card required!

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Free 3CX Call Center, mConnect webinars

Signup for our mConnect/3CX Call Center webinars

We’ve scheduled a new round of mConnect webinars. mConnect enables you to take  your 3CX installation to the next level and truly customise your solution to better meet your demanding and ever changing communications needs. Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis so make sure to register as soon as possible by simply clicking

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Generate 3CX Reports with Power BI Integration
Product Releases

Generate 3CX Reports with Power BI Integration 

What is Power BI? Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence solution. It’s a powerful platform that includes capabilities for data modeling, visualization, dashboarding, and collaboration. Many enterprises that use Microsoft’s other products can easily access Power BI. With high-value use cases across analysts, IT, business users, and developers, Power BI offers a comprehensive set of functionalities that

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Reserve your spot for a free mConnect call center webinar

Become an mConnect Expert with our upcoming webinars

Don’t miss out! Reserve your spot now!mConnect has so much to offer and we’d hate to see you not taking full advantage of all its capabilities. For that reason, we’ve scheduled a series of webinars for you to truly become an expert in mConnect and benefit from its many features.Spots are reserved on a first-come,

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