What's a Multichannel Call/Contact Center?

What’s a Multichannel Call/Contact Center? 

To begin, let’s start off with the basics. What’s a call/contact center? A call/contact center is the customer service function of an organization which deals with any inbound or outbound customer interactions. So, when you call/email/chat with any business that query is handled by the call/contact center of that business.

What’s a Multichannel Call/Contact Center?

A multichannel call/contact center allows agents working in these customer-facing roles to access all queries, complaints, and other forms of interaction from one centralized dashboard. This includes social media accounts, website live chat, SMS, email ticketing, CRM and more.

In a nutshell, any digital platform (including calls) that your customers use to get in touch with you is integrated into the multichannel call/contact center and your teams can respond to every message directly from there.

This makes management of multiple systems easier; increases your customer satisfaction rates and agent productivity as well as reduces response time.

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